Industry Spotlight: Compressor

For decades, the recommended method of the application of protective coatings has been thermal spraying. It can be used in a range of industries and businesses. Aero engine components, rotary engine components, combustion chambers, and compressors all benefit the properties of thermal sprayed protective coatings.

Combustion flame thermal spraying and other various techniques are used (i.e., high-velocity combustion techniques, plasma spraying, electric arc wire spraying) to enhance and develop oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance of compressor components.

Compressors in General

Similar to pumps, compressors are mechanical devices. By reducing a gases’ volume, they increase the pressure of a gas. One specific type of gas compressor is an air compressor. Compressors can also be used to transport fluids (as with through pipes).

The compressor reduces a gases’ volume because gases are compressible. But while some liquids can be compressed, most are basically incompressible. So, the action of a compressor in a liquid application is to act more or less as a pump to transport and pressurize liquids.

Compressor Spraying and Coating Services

Components within compressors can include cylinders, piston rods, and piston heads – all, during regular hours of operation, are prone to abrasion. This can result in unnecessary wear and, eventually, the compressor malfunctioning. And that makes for an inefficient operation. But today’s thermal spray process has been specifically created for corrosion and wear resistant coating application. These coatings significantly improve a compressor’s life and operation.

Compressor Solutions For Resurfacing and Repair

In addition to building the wear and corrosion resistance of compressors, the resurfacing and repair of worn components can be necessary. Piston rod packing areas, for example, fall into this category. For repairing these kinds of components, an electric arc spray process (or possibly HVOF) can be used. These processes can also be used in applications like cylinders, piston heads, thermowells, stem tubes, upper seal rings, operator noses, and more. When compared to part placement, repairs (as those discussed here) can result in cost savings that are clearly significant.

Coating Solutions for Compressors

For corrosion and wear resistance, applied spray coatings can be composed of ceramic or tungsten carbide. These offer protection for heads, piston rods, and other components of a critical nature. These components are manufactured typically from mild steels or other substrate. These substrates end up being particularly subject to wear.

Air Compressors

A reliable power source for oil rigs and the workhorse of the manufacturing plant, industrial grade air compressors are specially designed. For long periods of time, they must provide a steady flow of compressed air. Typical in major manufacturing plants, they must be able to deal with fluctuating surges in use. Protection of the components used in these compressors is crucial.

Gas Compressors

Under pressure, a gas compressor can be used to circulate a system’s refrigerant. But there are different types of air compressors. Some of these can include the following:

  • Diaphragm compressors
  • Scroll compressors
  • Rolling piston
  • Rotary vane compressors
  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Ionic liquid piston compressor
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Positive displacement and more.

Whether your business uses compressors or other various parts, components, and machinery, A&A Coatings has the right protective coating and the appropriate application method for your needs. Contact us today to find out how protective coatings can benefit not only your industry in general but your businesses’ bottom line.

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