Industry Spotlight: Mining

A wide range of machinery and equipment that are used for mining purposes are exposed to some of the harshest and most stressful working environments. Corrosion, abrasion and excavation impactsare some of the causes of malfunctioning equipment.At A&A Coatings, we have many years of experience in the development of top quality thermal spray coatings for the mining industry.If you are looking for ways to protect critical mining machinery and equipment against wear and erosion, look no further than AGA Coatings!

The Mining Industry and the Need for Thermal Spray Coatings

Trams, trammels, hoppers and drills are some of the heavy machinery used in the mining industry. In addition, past and present mining activities also involve the heavy usage of vehicles such as loaders, haul trucks and bulldozers. These heavy vehicles and machinery are subject dramatic wear degradation. Without quality protective coatings, one could face costly damages at potentially critical times.

What’s more, large roasters, reactors mills and crushers are used in mining processing plants and they are too subject to extreme wear and corrosion. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce or mitigate this degradation. You can protect critical components and systems through the use of our coatings.

We can increase uptime with top-notch quality carbide-based coatings on mining equipment. We apply our coatings using thermal spray processes such as plasma spraying. You can rest assured that all of your components will be coated and finished at our in-houseHigh Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)&plasma thermal spray coatings facility.

Common Mining Machinery & Equipment Parts that Need to be Coated

A&A Coatings offer proven solutions that can tackle serious issues that are regularly faced in the mining industry. Our thermal spray coatings are used to protect mining equipment such as:

  • Insulated tanks and foam roofs
  • Mining conveyor belts, hopper bins and loading pads
  • Scoops
  • Dump trucks that transport small ore
  • Battery trays (for mining vehicles)
  • Spiral chutes
  • Vibrating bowls and screen decks

The Pros of Using Thermal Spraying Coatings in the Mining Industry

Since our inception, A&A Coatings continually strives to develop top-notch solutions that effectively address the serious issues confronted in a wide variety of mining environments. Our coatings are designed to work in extreme temperatures, mitigate the constant risk of fire and more. Below is a quick look at the top benefits that our specialized coatings have to offer:

  • Our coatings are flexible enough to adhere to almost any substrate regardless of size and shape
  • Our coatings can expand with thermal contraction and expansion changes
  • Provide protection against corrosion
  • Shields critical components against abuse, impacts and abrasion from the elements
  • Extend the service lifespan of parts and surfaces
  • Increases productivity and most importantly personal safety
  • Minimizes equipment downtime

Why Choose A&A Coatings to Protect & Maintain Your Mining Equipment?

At A&A Coatings, we offer state of the art thermal spraying and surface engineering solutions to ensure optimal performance of mining machinery. When we design and develop thermal spraying solutions for the mining sector, you can be sure that the operating environment of each component is accounted for.

What’s more, we have knowledge of restoration by dimension techniques. That’s why we can refurbish mining components to their OEM standards. Whether it is molded parts or spray-on coatings, the A&A Coatings team has the experience to help you select the right coatings for each unique application.

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