Industry Spotlight: Wire Drawing

In the wire drawing industry, machines are used in a metalworking process that is designed to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling it through a series of drawing dies. In some processes, only a single drawing die is used. As these wire drawing dies are often exposed to a huge amount of pressure and high speed, the wire drawing machines used in the metalworking processes produce a large amount of heat due to constant friction.

That is why wire drawing companies require specialized coatings that provide ample protection from friction, wear and abrasion. At A&A Coatings, we have the perfect thermal spray coating solution for you. We are able to tailor make wire drawing machine coatings according to your specific requirements.

We Can Coat Common Parts Found in Wire Drawing Machines

No matter what tasks these parts are made to perform, being coated with the right thermal spray coating is essential for optimal operational efficiency and to maintain a longer lifespan.

  • Cutters

Cutters are peripheral equipment that is used to cut drawn wire to a certain length. Today, VFDs with electronic line shafts are utilized as they perform this function very well. What’s more, there is a follower drive and closed loop main drive that is located after the cutting wheel. The main drive is designed to maintain accurate speed and tension in conjunction with the follower drive.

  • Coilers

Coilers are machines designed to coil wire and end products of various strengths and gauges. They are made to wind or spool the final product before it is shipped out. In addition, coilers can wind very large cables at high speeds of up to 1000hp. You can see from this of the need for coatings to protect delicate components from copious amounts of friction generated from this process.

  • Barrel packers

Wire barrel packers are a type of assembly that can be placed directly off the wire drawer. The bottom of the barrel receives a continuous supply of wire to be recoiled. It is common to find two operational motors on a single barrel packer. One is used to keep the turn table spinning and the other for laying out the wire. At A&A Coatings, you can rest assured that we are able to coat these components to maintain performance and reliability.

Our Thermal Spray Solutions are Ideal for the Wire Drawing Industry

When wire rods are produced, oxides may form on the surface of the wire. A blue oxide called Fe3O4 forms on the wire as it cools. This usually happens following the rolling process. What’s more, a red surface oxide, Fe2O3, forms during shipping and storage phase. In fact, that is rust. Our coatings are designed to prevent these oxide surfaces from forming.

As mentioned earlier, we can create coatings to mitigate or even prevent friction and heat from harming dies. Yes, our coatings can effectively reduce the friction of the cold work and minimize the detrimental effects of metal to metal contact.

Want to learn more about A&A Coatings’ thermal spraying expertise in the wire drawing industry? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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