Industry Spotlight: Molds & Dies

At A&A Coatings, we offer an array of thermal spray coating solutions to the molds & dies industry. We understand that organizations in the industry typically face star cracking and cast product contamination problems. In some cases, thermal barrier coatings are also needed to control heat flow and retard rapid chilling. If you are wondering whether thermal spray coating will be a good fit for your molds and dies, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out more:

About the Molds & Dies Industry

Molds and dies that are manufactured from cast iron are subjected to temperature fluctuations on a regular basis. What’s more, things such as thermal fatigue can cause mold surfaces to crack and even lead to extensive mold damage in the long term. That’s where A&A Coatings comes in. Developing molds and dies coatings are one of our service fortes since our inception and we are highly committed to extending the service lifespan of your molds and dies. When you opt for our coatings, we can help you reduce maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency for your business.

Applications for the Molds & Dies Industry

  • Mold Lining

It is imperative that you have the ability control the solidification rate when it comes to continuous casting. That’s why getting the right mold lining makes all the difference. In the past, the two common types of coating used for improving wear resistance were chromium and electroplated nickel. In addition, they managed to build the needed resistance without affecting the thermal conductivity of the molds and dies.

At A&A Coatings, we use a modern approach to tackle these problems. As we are apt in advanced surface technologies, we are able to use the HVOF and plasma spraying process to protect your critical parts and their linings against potential damage caused by thermal fatigue. Whether you need to apply wear coatings on mold/dies, self-fluxing allots, or cermets, we have got your back.

  • Mold and Die Quality Restoration

Since our inception, our surfacing technologies have played a pivotal role in the molds and dies industry where production requirements and product quality are the key drivers for success. We understand that continuous production flow requires the right tooling to ensure the protection of heavy machinery, and that’s why we provide solutions to protect against pressure- and temperature-wear and corrosion. Yes, we are able to restore the surface quality and bond strength of molds and dies.

Why are HVOF and Plasma Spraying Processes Used for Molds & Dies Coating?

For starters, the HVOF coating process is used because of its ability to achieve very dense coatings of up to HV 1000+. What’s more, the decarbonization of particles is very low, resulting in improved hot wear resistance. Next, plasma spray coatings are developed as they are free from distortion; substrates are never heated above 250°F.

Why Choose A&A Coatings for Your Molds & Dies Coating Needs?

A&A Coatings is a leading thermal spraying service provider that is renowned for its precision engineering and unwavering commitment to constant research and innovation. What’s more, our solutions are designed to offer great value for your money. If you wish to know more about our specialized coating solutions for molds and dies, do give us a call or email us today.

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