Industry Spotlight: Rubber Manufacturing

For years upon end, one of the top industrial procedures considered most taxing was the manufacturing and extrusion of rubber. Rubber manufacturing is undeniably hard on machinery. One of the world’s most intricate industrial processes has always been (since the creation of rubber), and continues to be, large-scale rubber extraction. Fortunately, today’s thermal spray coatings increase the life of components exponentially. Equally catered to, through the thermal spray process, are industry specifications.

Does your company have a trusted service at the ready that can meet your unique needs when it comes to coating solutions? If you are in the rubber manufacturing industry, you already know that very precise solutions have been tailored for the numerous parts and machinery utilized within the rubber manufacturing business.

Just Like Rubber – Coatings Must Be Flexible

Though something of a play on words, it’s true. Flexibility is important when it comes to thermal spray coatings, particularly in the rubber manufacturing industry. As versatile as rubber is, that’s how versatile your protective coatings need to be. First and foremost, in order for the rubber industry to bang out quality products on a continuing basis, their rubber extraction equipment must be shielded against corrosion and wear. But that’s only the beginning.

What Can Thermal Spray Offer The Industry of Rubber Manufacturing?

Naturally, the rubber manufacturing industry isn’t the only business that puts thermal spray coatings to good use. But there are particular benefits that apply to this industry, specifically. Here’s what thermal spray can offer industries such as rubber manufacturing and rubber extrusion:

  • Cooling and pattern – The pattern and cooling application in the industries of rubber extrusion and manufacturing routinely use conveyor belts. After the formation, and following the ejection of products from a machine, the subsequent cooling process is done on a conveyor belt. For the purposes of beautification and texturing, to the end rubber, a weaving texture is imparted by the same process. To assist in these processes, quick release, corrosion, and wear coatings have been created.
  • Polymer heating – Rubber extrusions are diverse compositions converted from heated polymer materials. Diversely shaped molds are used through which polymers are pushed. The heating equipment and components involved suffer greatly and would have a far shorter longevity were it not for wear resistant, quick release coatings.
  • Release coatings – Thermal sprayed release coatings use prevailing conditions put forth by surrounding substances and a specific environment. This matrix passes over a chamber for a release agent. The chamber is routinely Teflon or silicone. Anti-stick and wear resistant attributes join together with the benefits of the release coating. In addition to rubber, thermal spray release coatings are extensively utilized in plastics, adhesives, and food manufacturing.

At A&A Coatings, when it comes to thermal spray technologies, we have more than 70 years of experience under our belts. Over the years, we have assisted large scale and small scale rubber manufacturing firms – and everything in between. We offer quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and a highly knowledgeable workforce. If you would like to discuss what thermal spray coatings can do for you and your industry, contact us today. The longer you wait, the more unnecessary wear and tear on your machinery and components.

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