Industry Spotlight: Rubber Manufacturing

In the rubber manufacturing industry, a wide range of machinery and equipment is used to facilitate production processes such as rubber extrusion, rubber mixing and more. As these machineries are often exposed to various chemicals, they require specialized coatings to minimize wear and tear as well as enhancing their reliability. That’s why protective thermal spray coatings are so important for maintaining optimal functionality.

Common Applications of Thermal Spray Coatings in the Rubber Manufacturing Industry

Since our inception, A&A Coatings has worked with many businesses in the rubber manufacturing industry. We have been in the thermal spray industry for more than seven decades so you can be sure that our thermal spray coating solutions can suit a wide range of applications. Below is a quick look at how our rubber manufacturing industry coatings are used:

  • Release coatings

Did you know that thermal sprayed release coatings used in rubber manufacturing are also used in the manufacturing processes of plastics, adhesives and food products? When it comes to release coatings, the addition of thermal spray coatings can increase the number of benefits that come with them, for instance, anti-stick and wear resistance attributes. Release coatings that are thermal sprayed tend to use a matrix, and the latter is often passed over a release agent chamber, consisting of Teflon or silicone.

  • Pattern and cooling

Conveyor belts are often used in rubber extrusion and rubber manufacturing industries for cooling and pattern applications. Oftentimes, extruded products are ejected out of the machinery and are moved by conveyor belts to the cooling section. Throughout the service lifespan, these components may corrode or become faulty due to wear and tear. Thermal spray coatings are developed to provide much needed wear and corrosion resistance.

  • Polymer heating

Thermal spray coatings can be applied on heating equipment that is often used in the rubber extrusion businesses. These types of equipment are used to heat polymer materials to convert them into many different compositions. This process involves pushing the polymers at a very high pressure through molds of different shapes. Without the correct protective coatings, the lifespan of the components within such heating equipment is at stake.

Thermal Spray Processes that are Often Utilized for the Rubber Manufacturing Industry

Many different components found in rubber manufacturing equipment require corrosion resistance as well as wear resistance from impact, erosion and abrasives. The coatings used by rubber manufacturing equipment can be achieved via the following processes:

If you find worn parts within your rubber manufacturing equipment, you can opt for the plasma spray process to salvage them. If you have any parts that can use wear-resistant coatings, the HVOF process can help you achieve such coatings. For example, you can use them for parts such as gate valves and ball valves. To find out which process best suits the components you want to protect, A&A Coatings can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

If you want to know how A&A Coatings can help when it comes to rubber manufacturing applications, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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