Introducing Tungsten Oxide Heat-Insulating Glass

Can the energy efficiency of glass be improved? The answer to that question lies in tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass. Into a glass coating, scientists have applied tungsten oxide to create an insulating glass from ordinary glass. What does this kind of energy savings mean? It means that while still holding on to the function of heat insulation, one could assure indoor daylight. It could be light in your home or office, from natural sunlight, without heating up the indoor space room.

That’s going to come in handy in environments where weather is either seasonal or constant. Applying this to the windows of homes, offices, and other buildings could help save exorbitant amounts of money on air conditioning.

Reducing Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

An indoor temperature reduction of 3 to 6°C can be realized, in the case of not open air conditioning refrigeration. This means reduced air conditioning and refrigeration operation load where indoor air conditioning refrigeration is used. What that boils down to is that in order for an area to achieve energy savings and comfort, at the same time, the time required for the air-conditioning and refrigeration to be effective would be less. Cooler, more comfortable temperature is in shorter time. This is one of the latest and greatest ways of saving energy.

Coated Glass Protects

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be shielded by some 99.7% when glass is coated with tungsten oxide. That increases UV protection for objects on display, indoor personnel, and extends the service life of anything protecting the safety and health of the human body. This insulating glass has broad application prospects as a green building material. It is currently being used in office building glass curtain glass, apartment glass, wall glass, and other industries involved with construction.

Museums Use Insulating Glass

The destructive effects of infrared and ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on precious and historical cultural relics commonly displayed in museums. The same can be said for items displayed in art galleries. These rays, and the influence of them, can be blocked by tungsten oxide heat insulating glass. Also reduced is the adverse impact on cultural relics as a result of external temperature changes. This makes it a lot easier to protect works of art, cultural relics, and so on. It also means that, on an up close and personal basis, the public will have the opportunity to closely observe the aforementioned without them having been subjected to certain types of damage.

Stadiums Are Using Insulating Glass

In the daylight glass of stadiums, good heat insulation function combines with still being able to fulfill daylight needs. External temperature environments will no longer increase the cooling costs of the interior of the stadium, allowing the stadium to realize savings on energy costs. Gymnasiums and stadiums can make the most of architectural appearance while still providing an exquisite daylight effect – and not spend a fortune on air conditioning. Sunlight can still get in to light up the interior, but the sunlight’s radiant heat is kept out.

Interior Furnishings Protected

Thanks to tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass, offices and households are better able to protect indoor household and office decorations and furniture from the sun’s rays. This application can be applied to both doors and windows. As suggested above, it allows sunlight into brighten the room but keeps hot, damaging rays out.

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