Material Spotlight: Zirconia Alumina

Zirconia alumina is a thermal spray coating material that combines aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. In addition, it is part of AZ composites which are one of the common types of composite ceramics. At A&A Coatings, we have a wide portfolio of materials and are experienced in performing an array of thermal spray coating procedures. If you wish to learn more about the material zirconia alumina before using them on your critical parts, you have come to the right place.

Why is Zirconia Alumina So Popular?

For starters, a great array of professionals recognized the material as a sand blasting medium. Next, its mechanical properties allow it to be used in structural applications, e.g., cutting tools, and in many medical applications. What’s more, the material features exceptional wear resistance, hardness, elasticity, fracture toughness, and high strength.

Understanding the Properties of Zirconia Alumina

For starters, zirconia alumina displays excellent composite strength and typically comprises alumina with a 10 to 20 per cent zirconia concentration. The latter is needed to enhance the strength of the alumina. Materials engineers increase the material’s strength by subjecting it to a stress induced transformation toughening process.

The process is designed to cause the zirconia structure to crack and allow these particles to switch phases. Next, the phase switch increases the amount of zirconia particles in the composite and creates stress areas within the alumina‚Äôs structure as well. Don’t worry as these stresses will heal the crack and prevent further cracking.

The next most notable property of the material is its good thermal traits. That’s why you will find that it can withstand high temperature applications, experiencing little to none degradation. With that in mind, the material also has very good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties. This property becomes more noticeable when it is compared with conventional alumina.

Zirconia Alumina Can Be Used for a Wide Range of Applications

Thanks to zirconia alumina having a diverse range of properties, the material can be utilized in a great array of applications as well. Let’s begin with load-bearing applications. Its corrosion resistant and high-strength properties allow it to bear heavy loads without succumbing to the effects of degradation.

Remember we mentioned using zirconia alumina to manufacture cutting tools? Yes, it is possible through grinding and sintering. The grinding process holds great importance as it determines the surface characteristics of the blade.

If you are planning to coats parts which are used in the medical industry, choosing this material is also the right choice. It can serve as a ceramic that is often needed in joint replacement and rehabilitation. Because of its high wear resistance, it can be used to create high performance implants.

Other applications of zirconia alumina? Abrasive applications, e.g., sandblasting, and because of its corrosion resistant attributes, the following items can also be created from the same material:

  • Pump components
  • Seals
  • Brushings
  • Impellers
  • Valve seats
  • Various engine components
  • Labware
  • Industrial crucibles
  • Refractory tubes

Call or email us today to find out more about using zirconia alumina for your coatings!

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