Protecting Internal Surfaces Of Cylinder Bores With Plasma Spray Coatings

Where engine performance is concerned, a significant impact can be felt when moving parts are affected by the friction that is commonly generated. Fortunately, plasma spray coatings can minimize friction, thereby maximizing engine reliability and efficiency.

Especially at high engine speeds, friction is most intense in various parts of engines – one particular part being engine block cylinders.

Cylinder Bores and Plasma Coatings

The internal surface of cylinder bores can be supplied with an effective barrier provided by the use of plasma coatings. These coatings have tested well, offering a far more affordable alternative to past methods: i.e:

  • Using a galvanic plating process that is expensive
  • The casting-in, shrinking, and pressing of cylinder sleeves

Only when operation-required (as an example, in the case of debris ingestion), a cylinder case will be honed when plasma sprayed bore coatings are being used. Also eliminated is the need for, with every rebuild, a bore hone. This results in a more impressive turnaround time and reduced rebuilding labor costs at a significant level.

Scrap Rates and Inventory Reduced

When using plasma spray coatings, in addition to the above stated advantages, automotive manufacturing companies can reduce the inventory normally maintained when it comes to the number of ring and piston sizes. Additionally, the scrapping of cylinder cases that have reached their bore limit will be eliminated. To do away with these two stages, the cost incurred for plasma spray coatings is made insignificant by the cost benefits experienced as a result.

More cost-benefits can be delivered by the use of lubricating and wear resistant coatings in moving mechanisms and the powertrain. Coatings used here make for extended service periods, enable longer warranties, and improve component reliability. The result – the total cost of ownership and running costs are reduced most impressively.

The Automotive Industry and Spray Coatings

Corrosion and wear resistance are essential if automotive parts are to be made more reliable and long-lasting. Through the use of today’s plasma spray coatings, the realization of increased dependability and cost savings can be achieved quickly and easily. But rings, powertrains, pistons, and cylinder cases are only the beginning. Steering and suspension coating solutions, transmission coating solutions, and more are also offered by thermal spray.

Techniques Used For Coating Solutions

As an example, when it comes to transmission parts, to increase corrosion and wear resistance, various techniques can be used. Some of these are as follows:

  • Physical vapor deposition
  • Diamond -like coatings
  • Plasma heat treatments

Friction properties can be enhanced, surface protection increased, and fatigue strength improved through the use of modern, instrumental coating solutions.

At A&A Coatings, we offer a wide variety of surface treatment processes and plasma coating for automotive components and parts. In fact, we have been increasing the lifespan of components used in automobiles and improving their performance for years.

Our thermal spraying processes provide a wide range of corrosion and wear protection for automobile parts such as suspension components, steering, and engine transmission parts. Contact us today to find out what our state-of-the-art plasma spray coatings can do for your company.

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