Thermal Spray Process Showcase: Metalizing

When you hear the word ‘metalizing,’ what do you think it means? Generally speaking, it is a group of thermal spray coating processes that are designed to deposit finely divided metallic or non-metallic materials in a semi-molten or fully-molten state on a substrate or surface to form a coating. The metallic coatings can be functional, decorative or protective. Perhaps you are familiar with terms such as combustion wire spray, combustion powder spray or electric arc spray. In fact, all three processes are fall under the metalizing family. Electric arc spray, for example, has already been talked about here. Hence, in this post, the focus will be more on the metalizing process itself. Let’s find out more.

How Does the Metalizing Process Work?

In most cases, the entire metalizing process; from sealing, metal spraying to blast cleaning can be completed in one day. In addition, individuals can opt for metalizing to be applied virtually year round and in nearly any field environment or shop. What’s more, ambient temperatures do not limit metalizing the same way it does to conventional painting. That’s why the ‘best period’ for coating may be extended in most temperate zones (up to several months!). You will be pleased to know that structures and product surfaces of any size or shape may be metalized. What’s even better is that coating materials for the metalizing process do not contain any polluting volatile organic compounds. For example, sprayed zinc and aluminum coatings are used.

What Types of Materials Can You Choose for the Metalizing Process?

Apart from the mentioned zinc and aluminum combinations, A&A Coatings definitely offers more than what’s mentioned. Also, the materials come with features including melting points ranging from 800 to 2,600°F and more. Other materials you can select for the metalizing process include but not limited to:

  • 410 stainless steel wire
  • Metallized babbitt
  • Metallized monel
  • Low shrink steel
  • … and more!

Don’t know which material best suits your needs? No worries. Our team of highly trained materials engineers is available to assist you at every stage of your order. That’s why you no need to fret when it comes to the material selection stage.

The Pros of the Metalizing Process

There is a great array of ways product surfaces can benefit from this process. Here is a quick look at the functionalities that can be achieved via metalizing:

  • High bond strength to shield against sulfur dioxide and other pollutants
  • Stellar galvanic protection
  • Cathodic protection of rebar set in concrete

Choose the Metalizing Process for Your Coatings Today!

There’s no doubt that the metalizing process is much more productive and can be completed within a shorter lead time. You can use metalizing to create thicker coats that have stronger adhesion to traditional paint. At A&A Coatings, we have the right metalizing equipment and nearly eight decades of experience to carry out this process. If you have any highly specialized application requirements, just let us know. You can rest assured that we are able to meet all of your coating needs.

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