Tips For Choosing The Best Thermal Spray Company

Choosing the best thermal spray company for your equipment is an important yet difficult endeavor. Given how many thermal spray companies are out there competing for clients, there may be some who are willing to cut corners to provide their services at lower prices. But if this means poorer results, it is not what you want for your company. Read on for some factors to consider.

Written Standard Procedures

You are entrusting your equipment to this firm. You should find out what will happen to it. If a firm has a defined set of processes, it implies they’ve thought about the best way to do things, which usually means your part will be better cared for. If a firm understands what it’s doing, it should have these ready for prospective consumer evaluation and shouldn’t be afraid of a quality audit or even a shop visit. Take note if you detect tension on the line when you ask these questions. You should also make certain that their normal operating procedures contain processes for quality and coating inspections.

Regular Quality Checks and Lab Testing

You may not need to ask this question if you already know they are ISO 9001 certified, but it never hurts to know whether they have the capability to undertake lab testing. You might inquire about how these firms assess the quality of their services. Do they use the right instruments to measure coating thickness regularly during the spray process? Do they have a coordinate-measuring machine to measure complex or spherical surfaces like valve balls? These tools and methods will guarantee that your part is returned to you with the proper dimensions.

Regular Calibration and Maintenance

It’s a great idea to verify the lab tests and equipment are of high quality. If the company does not do regular machine monitoring and maintenance, the results you want will be unachievable. This goes the same for all of their service and measurement equipment. This will have an impact not only on the quality of the equipment’s coating but also on its process durations and materials, thus costing you extra time and money. The employment of robotic technology is an easy approach to achieve uniform, high-quality thermal spray coating.

EPA Disposal Guidelines

Some of the materials used in thermal spray processes, like aluminum oxide grit and chrome carbide powder, are classified as hazardous compounds and must be handled, stored, and disposed of in a specific manner. While this may not have a direct influence on the quality of your coating, it does reveal a lot about the individuals you’re working with. Material handling that is done correctly demonstrates a feeling of responsibility for the task that is being done. If they aren’t taking proper care to dispose of their materials, they might not be taking adequate care of your components either.

Being Informed for Better Results

It might be difficult to determine who to entrust with your machine’s components. While a lower price may be appealing, you may be compromising quality. Working with a firm that can answer your questions with elegance and forethought speaks a lot about the level of service you will receive.

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