Understanding The Benefits Of Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are used in any number of industries. Parts that are covered with ceramic coatings are free of abrasions, are smooth, and easier to clean. In addition, these coatings protect against chemical and dirt contaminants, guard against scratches, and much more. One of the industries that makes repeated use of ceramic coatings is the automotive industry. Without the thermal spray surface coatings currently available, this industry (and many more) would suffer greatly.

As an introduction to ceramic coatings and what they can do for an industry, let’s take a closer look at how they affect the automotive industry in particular.

Not Just Your Basic Paint Job

Meant to shield the surface of cars, various coatings of paint were originally used. Today, however, ceramic paint coatings are not only essential, but standard. External forces and vibrations cannot dislodge these coatings due to the fact that they are amalgamated to the car’s surface. These coatings, which last for years, far exceed the expectations and performance of old-school coatings which, over time, wore off. They were not impermeable to bird fecal matter, acidic qualities of the atmosphere, weather, etc.

Better Than Wax

Because paint was susceptible to the outside atmosphere, wax was used as a type of protective coating. And, for a while, it worked as well as could be expected. But with today’s protective coatings, and the high-tech methods through which they are applied, protection at a stellar level is possible. Contaminants from the road, dirt, mud, and scratches can be warded off by the amazing qualities of modern ceramic coatings.

Wax did absolutely nothing to protect against dings and scratches. But ceramic coatings, without allowing any ill effects to the automotive body, form a protective layer that stands up to a great deal of potential harm.

What’s more, wax wears off. It has to be applied over and over again. Modern ceramic professionally thermal sprayed coatings applied to today’s automobiles are a one-time application.

Surface Crevices

It was all but impossible to apply the wax coatings of old to crevices. But thermal sprayed ceramic coatings can sink into and search out small crevices, pockets, etc. Once sprayed, they settle in and create an even coating of a desired or required thickness. Once the coat is dry, rain, dirt, and more simply slide off of the car’s surface.

Today’s Automotive Industry And You

Numerous automobile manufacturers are utilizing thermal spray ceramic coatings for both the interior and exterior of their products. It is, without a doubt, one of the most protective methods in existence.

It isn’t often that we think of automobile manufacturers as working to save money for the consumers. But ceramic coatings do just that. Expect to spend about $800 a year for good wash and wax jobs. That means that, with quarterly waxing, you could spend $4000 over five years. That’s a lot of money and, if you do it yourself, a lot of work. But with ceramic coatings, they need be applied but one time. Though costs vary, the ceramic coating for a car could end up saving the owner well over $2000 in comparison.

A&A Coatings offers not only ceramic coatings but numerous types of standard coatings. We also have the ability to custom create a coating that specifically applies to your situation, industry, equipment, surfaces, and more. To explore the application of ceramic or other thermal spray coatings and what they can do for you, contact us today. One of our friendly, helpful service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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