What Are the Dangers of Corrosion?

Things that are corrosive can destroy (or at least damage) metal. But that’s not all. Eventually, corrosives can cause damage to not only metal but the human digestive tract, respiratory tract, eyes, and skin. The effects of corrosion can threaten our very lives.

The Dangers of Corrosion

When materials interact with the environment around them, deterioration caused by corrosion can occur. In commercial applications, this usually pertains to damage to steel, iron, or metal from road, rail, and bridge maintenance, warehouse cylinders and tanks, utilities, and pipework. Once corrosion starts, structural failure is almost certainly inevitable. The main dangers and effects of corrosion are as follows:

  • High risk of employee injury or injury to the general public
  • Loss of industrial equipment’s time availability
  • When appearance is affected, corrosion can reduce the overall value of a building or location
  • Pipe blockages or mechanical damage to pumps, valves, etc.
  • Damage to surroundings or danger to individuals because of leaking gases or liquids
  • Contamination of fluids in pipes or vessels

Aside from industrial dangers, corrosion affects our lives as we travel to school, work, and for leisure. Endangering public safety and resulting in significant repair costs are the effects of corrosion on bridges, parking structures, buildings, electrical towers, highways, etc. Should these collapse, because of a weak, corroded section, disaster could result.

The Economic Impact and Effects of Corrosion

Annually, the United States economy is impacted by corrosion to the tune of literally hundreds of billions of dollars. Practically speaking, however, if corrosion-resistant materials and coatings were used more frequently in technical practices, a good one-third of those costs could be reduced.

In our daily lives, the effects of corrosion are both indirect and direct. Indirectly, corrosion is passed on to customers through services, goods, suppliers, and producers. Directly, our very possessions can suffer the effects of corrosion. At home, metal tools, outdoor furniture, charcoal grills, and body panels on our automobiles corrode on a regular basis. There are precautions and preventative methods for nearly all of these inconveniences. Certain corrosion deterrents are already built into many of our household products such as dryers, washers, ranges, furnaces, water heaters, and more.

Controlling Corrosion

Companies can reduce the effects of corrosion. A thermal spray process is most frequently used, in this day and age, to apply such protective coatings. There are many types of coatings available, but all work toward the same outcome – lengthening the life and usability of parts, components, machinery, products, etc. And as you now know, the protection of these elements not only helps to maintain an industry’s equipment (thereby strengthening their bottom line) but can help protect human lives as well.

If you, your company, or your industry could protect yourself, your components, your parts, your machinery, etc. against corrosion, why wouldn’t you? Now that you know how dangerous corrosion can be, contact A&A Coatings today. We can provide the protective coatings needed to discourage abrasion, corrosion, friction, erosion, and more. Not only will this protect you against the dangers of corrosion, but it can seriously help to protect your company’s bottom line.

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