What You May Be Missing Out On If You’re Not Using Chemical Resistant Coatings

In environments where high chemical corrosion is anticipated, the use of chemical resistant coatings can assist in improving equipment with beneficial properties. In many production processes today, at some point or another, chemicals are used in almost every industry imaginable. This does include, of course, chemical processing, but also involves pharmaceutical, petrochemicals, printing, and other industries.

There are more resistant coatings than one may think, but they all have one thing in common – the determination of what coating will be utilized, and its application must be done by an experienced, skilled professional.

Chemical Resistant Coatings

Yes, these coatings help resist the effects of certain chemicals (i.e., corrosion). However, corrosion resistance is only the tip of the iceberg. For other applications, they are also a worthwhile investment. The benefits of chemical resistant coatings are as follows:

Reduced Need For Lubrication

Lubricating agents are used in a wide variety of machines. The need for such agents can, however, be virtually eliminated through the use of the appropriate chemical resistant coating. The time spent maintaining and applying a lubricating agent can be greatly reduced. Production costs can also be lowered through the use of these coatings.


To make parts less susceptible to sticking, these coatings can be used to treat such parts. Where unexpected maintenance delays are concerned, as a result of build-up, these coatings are especially advantageous. Build-up is a problem that can not only affect a finished product, it can reduce part efficiency.

Lessen Wear and Tear

When parts are treated with chemical resistant coatings, it can lessen friction between the parts. This can reduce the heat that would have been generated as a result of friction and reduce wear and tear on the parts. In situations where high pressure load is present, these types of coatings are particularly beneficial.

Tolerance to Corrosion

Highly corrosive chemicals are utilized in numerous industrial applications. Upon the functionality and longevity of equipment with which they come into direct contact these highly corrosive chemicals can have a substantial detrimental effect. You can substantially mitigate this effect, however, through the use of chemical resistant coatings.

Choose A&A Coatings for Your Chemical Resistant Coatings

The specific environment of your industry and precise requirements are just a couple of factors that go into choosing the appropriate chemical resistant coating. A&A Coatings has experienced, skilled professionals that can assist in the proper selection of a coating to suit your needs. We already help numerous industries with their protective coatings and have for decades. Some industries we already assist include chemical processing, steel, military, aerospace, and more.

What company wouldn’t benefit from reduced downtime, lowered maintenance costs, and a generally improved bottom line? If you think that sounds too good to be true, think again. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today to find out what modern chemical resistant thermal spray coatings can do for your company. Chances are, they are already being used by your industry competitors. Don’t get left behind! Don’t miss out on the many benefits provided by today’s protective coatings.

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