Why Should You Invest In Improving Your Coating Process?

Unique risks, costs, and challenges are faced by specialty-coated product manufacturers. This is mainly caused by the additional materials and processes involved. A coating process must be accurate and consistent. Several factors involved include process speed, coating thickness consistency, material usage, and more. For optimal business profitability and product quality, how can businesses improve their coating process?

Part of creating accurate, consistent coatings is correct roll geometry. Optimal to business profitability and product quality is the reduction of roll variability. What else can be done?


It is important to reduce or prevent (whenever possible) costly machine breakdown, damage, and/or wear. See to it that your rolls are to the exact specifications needed/required. This will additionally assist in the reduction of the following:

  • Machine downtimes that were unplanned
  • Uneven roll cover wear
  • Issues with runnability
  • Profile issues
  • Web breaks

Good Quality Equals Happy Consumers

Through high product quality, customer satisfaction can be improved and increased. Using OEM specification, make sure that rolls are compliant, or even better. More uniform and accurate product coating will result.

  • Your bottom line will be protected, and satisfaction boosted.
  • Customer satisfaction is encouraged by quality.
  • Quality is insured, in part, by accuracy.

Reduce Hazards

It is important to reduce waste, exposure, and expense of hazardous solvents. In the manufacturing of specialty-coated products, solvents are common. It is essential to only use as much as you need because these solvents are costly and/or hazardous.

Excess coating that will need removal can be minimized by improving transfer. The resulting lessened use of solvents will also reduce employee solvent exposure.

When a company is socially and environmentally conscious, provided the public is aware of such, customers are 53% more likely to repeat business with the company. Being socially and environmentally responsible simply means that a company culture is one that shows concern for their employees and finds environmentally safe ways to use materials.

Get Rid of the “Oops” Factor

Mistakes are costly. The types or number of mistakes that will need repair later should be reduced whenever possible. Production schedules experience added variability and poorly consumed capacity when they have to correct mistakes or rework products and/or procedures. Customer satisfaction is impacted if something is delayed because too much time was spent on repair and reworking. Poor quality and late deliveries can equate to a loss in business.

Improved consistency and transfer, on the other hand, helps make sure that coatings are applied to your machines properly, without the need for second attempts.

With controlled spray environments, precise application rates, precision thickness, and quality control comes better specialty coatings and improved transfer efficiency.

Assure Proper Application With A&A Coatings

A&A Coatings uses only the best, latest, and most proven techniques in our thermal spray process. We offer a wide range of coating materials and application procedures, depending upon your needs, requirements, restrictions, budget, and more. Don’t let chemicals, the elements, or wear and tear effect your bottom line one minute longer. Contact the experts at A&A Coatings today to discuss the appropriate coating for your company and industry.

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