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The Importance Of Plasma Spray Coatings For Semiconductor Applications

Plasma spraying is a relatively new field but it offers numerous advantages for companies and businesses looking for reliable and affordable maintenance and repair solutions. For example, plasma spray coatings for semiconductor is highly popular these days and they provide a layer of protection to delicate electronics. This means preventing oxidation and corrosion from damaging […]

The Evolving Faces Of Plasma Spray Coatings

Providing beneficial thermal barriers to components and other surfaces, TBCs, thermal barrier coatings, provide the opportunity for lower cooling requirements and higher operating temperatures. Solution precursor plasma spray approaches, electron-beam physical vapor deposition, and plasma spray coatings are some of the most commonly used for metallic substrate TBC application. Here we’ll take a look at […]

Industrial Plasma Spray Coatings Explained

Among industrial manufacturers, a common choice today is industrial plasma spray coatings. This is particularly applicable when, to distribute a feedstock (molten material) onto a substrate (surface) a 15,000°C plasma jet is used. Granted, there are numerous methods of thermal spraying. But, possibly the most versatile among them is plasma coating. A large number of […]

Learn How Ford Is Using Plasma Spray Coatings To Refurbish Worn Engines

Unfortunately, engines are usually ripped from an automobile and simply scrapped when they become exceedingly worn or fail altogether. But, to remanufacture broken engines, through the use of a high-tech process of applying plasma spray coatings, Ford is working to change that. By about half, carbon emissions are reduced by refurbishing the engines (compared to […]

Protecting Internal Surfaces Of Cylinder Bores With Plasma Spray Coatings

Where engine performance is concerned, a significant impact can be felt when moving parts are affected by the friction that is commonly generated. Fortunately, plasma spray coatings can minimize friction, thereby maximizing engine reliability and efficiency. Especially at high engine speeds, friction is most intense in various parts of engines – one particular part being […]

Mining Industries Should Consider Getting Plasma Spray Coatings

Plasma spray coatings and mining go together like a hand and glove. Or at least they should! The reason is simple – when it comes to working environments, some of the most stressful, harshest conditions are found in mines. And plasma spray coatings are the perfect answer to the conditions under which mining machinery is […]

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