How Power Generation Businesses Can Use Thermal Spray Coatings

Power generation businesses have grown in recent years and much emphasis is currently being placed on clean, renewable energy and its distribution, conversion, and generation. But this particular industry offers specific challenges. A&A Coatings, for the past 70 years, has not only offered support to the power generation business but has evolved as necessary to find solutions to the industry’s ever-growing challenges.

Service outages and downtime frequently result when energy business’ machinery components are not protected from corrosion. So, to grow the industry, we provide the protection needed through our thermal spray coating services.

Power and Energy Industry Spraying and Coating Services

Furthering functionality is the aim of A&A Coatings’ provided coating solutions. Outage incidents and equipment replacement can often be prevented, as well as the unnecessary costs that are incurred, by using A&A Coatings. We make sure that power generators, gas turbines, and other equipment operates optimally and longer. The energy and power industries can both benefit from the following coating services:

  • Gas Turbines – the repair of gas turbines requires thermal barrier coatings. An important role is played by plasma spray coatings and HVOF coatings where TBCs are concerned. Thermal barrier coatings are used as an application to hot zones in the components of industrial gas turbines. Also applied to targeted areas are wear resistant and corrosion resistant coatings for smoother operations.
  • Applications In Power Generation – to assure the best efficiency, maximum operation, and highest level of protection, we provide various coating types. These can range from abradable coatings to dielectric coatings. They are used on various applications in industrial gas turbines, solid oxide-fuel cells, solar energy generation, and more.

Thermal Spray in the Power Generation Industry

Throughout the power generation industry, many positive results can be attributed to thermal spray. Daily challenges that this industry produces can include high temperature oxidation, wear, and corrosion. But thanks to thermal spray coatings, these negative results can be controlled and often prevented. This results in decreased downtime, lower replacement costs, and longer component lifespans. Commonly used powders that can also be included in the process of protecting equipment and parts include chromium carbides and tungsten carbides.

Because of the heat that power generation equipment must withstand and the tremendous pressure that it is subject to, tough challenges arise. But, again, with thermal spray coatings, companies can successfully fight against the drastic conditions presented and specific to the power generation business. Additionally, thermal spray coatings can be customized to cater to the individual goals and needs of a particular business.

Power Generation Business and A&A Coatings – Perfect Partners

For over half a century, our unique spraying and coating solutions have been benefiting the power generation business. We at A&A Coatings are committed to our clients and in delivering to them the best coating solutions which apply to everything from compressor blades to fuel nozzles and turbine rotors. Because we are both interested in protecting parts, equipment, and products, we form the perfect partnership.

If you are in the business of power generation and would like to learn more about what A&A Coatings can do for you, contact us today.

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