Top Tips to Prevent Costly Food Processing Equipment Breakdowns

What do heat exchangers, filling and packaging machines, pumps, and stainless-steel tanks all have in common? They are all used as food processing equipment. Unfortunately, they also have something else in common: they are prone to varying levels of wear and tear.

Granted, the integrity of your product may not be threatened by cosmetic wear. But there are other forms of wear that can be harmful. Equipment failure can result if this type of wear is not noticed at its early stages.

The following will include preventative equipment breakdown maintenance tips for those in the food and beverage industry. With these, you can head off food processing equipment failure before it happens and, in return, costly downtime can be reduced significantly.

Careful Operation

Any piece of equipment, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has proper operating procedures. Ignoring these procedures can result in not only equipment failure but can bring about operator injury. Before any employees put their hands on a piece of equipment they should be instructed as to its safe and proper operation. Additionally, don’t allow equipment operators to become complacent – shortcuts may result.

Have Spare Parts Handy

Not every part replacement or repair needs to be done by outside facilities. Having an ample supply of spare parts on hand means quick repair and a faster return to operations. Be sure, however, that the person replacing the part knows exactly what they’re doing.

Also, never replace a part with one that “you think” will work rather than the exact part required. Regular inspection allows for part replacement before it breaks down and causes an avoidable predicament.

A Program for Routine Maintenance

In addition to having spare parts available, creating a schedule for routine inspection of equipment is recommended. Operator’s Manuals can usually offer some point of reference. Though, here and there, you may choose to skip spot checks, keep in mind that this will very likely catch up with you, eventually. Preventative maintenance schedules are often included in the manufacturer’s suggestions. Keep detailed equipment logs, replace worn components, and regularly lubricate and inspect parts.

The Best Way to Protect Food Processing Equipment

Additional guarding of food processing equipment can be accomplished through the appropriate type of coating on parts and components. Specific food processing situations require particular types of equipment and, thereby, may need evaluation for the appropriate coating solution. Most coatings, however, will have nonstick and abrasion resistant characteristics. By using the right coating, your food processing equipment can experience longer service life and increased efficiency.

So, while all of the above suggested tips are important, one of the best ways to protect your food processing equipment is to rely on A&A Coatings. We are extremely familiar with any and all coatings and application methods used in the food and beverage industry today. We’ve got the perfect coating solution for your food processing equipment and more.

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