How Thermal Coatings Have Impacted The Food And Beverage Industry

In an environment such as that provided in the food processing industry, industrial coatings are providing much needed assistance. Some of these coatings are highly reflective, while others are anti-condensation and anti-corrosion. What are these coatings doing for the industry, specifically, and why are they needed?

What Thermal Coatings Provide

Effective, safe condensation protection and thermal insulation is needed for various substrates. This can include sterilizers, storage tanks, cookers, commercial fryers, and more. Before thermal sprayed protective coatings, options offered by conventional insulation meant shutting down equipment for extended periods. With current methods, however, costly equipment downtime is no longer necessary because today’s coatings can be applied to working substrates. Application has been made easy.

Increased Performance

Not only are current day coatings easy to apply but their performance level has been enhanced. Food processing factories offer extreme environments involving humidity and condensation. Traditional insulation simply could not get the job done and protect against bacterial or mold contamination and corrosion. In moist environments, they broke down. Today’s coatings, however, don’t need regular reapplication or maintenance because they can stand up to regular cleaning and other various excesses involved in the industry.

Added Benefits

In addition to cost-effective, efficient coverage, the coatings used in the food and beverage business are creating a safer environment for employees involved in the industry. Thanks to the extreme insulative value of the coatings used, the exterior temperature of cooking equipment and melting tanks has been significantly reduced. That means the prevention of heat related injuries such as accidental burns.

So, as you can see, resurfacing and thermal spray coatings have improved the food and beverage processing industry invovling everything from enhanced crew safety to increased energy efficiency and more.

What Is Offered By Present Day Coatings?

Here are just a few of the benefits that beverage and food manufacturers/processors can enjoy thanks to today’s coatings:

  • Under-installation corrosion avoidance
  • Cooking and heating equipment enhanced performance
  • Cracking prevention from contraction and expansion
  • Hard-to-reach surfaces are easily treated through spray-on application
  • Elimination or reduction of condensation
  • Energy costs are reduced facility wide
  • Extreme thermal insulation with food safe coverage that is FDA approved

Specific to the Industry

Extreme regulatory requirements are a constant concern in the food and beverage processing industry. Fortunately, with modern coatings designed specifically for this industry, the hard surface levels of sleeves, impellers, pump shafts, and more can be protected and maintained. What this means is extended protection against corrosion, wear, friction, and galling. What this ends up equating to is an increased lifespan for all of the equipment involved.

If you are experiencing component and equipment breakdown, excessive downtimes, high demand for maintenance, and a severely impacted bottom line, you would be well served by contacting the experts at A&A Coatings today. We have helped numerous industries address those exact concerns and issues. Start improving your bottom line by finding out what protective coatings and resurfacing can do for you and your company.

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