Why Use Titanium For Your Coatings?

Titanium, a.k.a. tinite, plasma titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide powder, is used in the coating industry to create dense, hard ceramic coatings. It can be effective at temperatures of 1000°F or below and comes highly recommended in the creation of ceramic coatings which are meant to protect against wear by hard surfaces and abrasive grains. Exposing titanium to higher temperatures can produce cracking and embrittlement. Titanium coatings are best finished by a method of grinding – usually, rather than dry grinding, wet grinding is preferred.

Plasma Titanium Dioxide In Common Industrial Applications

In the world of medical equipment, titanium coating is indispensable due to the fact that the specific types of equipment used in the medical profession are frequently subjected to contact and direct exposure to light. Ordinarily, biofilms may form on some of the equipment due to its light conducting surfaces. In order to discourage biofilm formation, a layer(s) of titanium dioxide coatings is/are applied to protect the surfaces upon which biofilm could form. Another attribute is that a germ-killing effect can be produced by combining UV light technology with titanium dioxide coatings.

Additionally, plasma titanium dioxide coatings have the following notable applications:

  • Marine Equipment
  • Low-VOC Systems
  • Self-Cleaning Roof Tiles
  • Tent Material
  • Interior and Exterior Building Tiles
  • Self-Cleaning Glass
  • Exhaust Gas Sensors
  • Photovoltaic Cells

Why Is Titanium The Preferred Coating?

Aseptic surfaces and instruments frequently benefit from the use of plasma titanium dioxide coating. Medical technologies, in general, use titanium because it is perfect for use in plasma functional coating manufacturing. Almost anywhere that sterilization and plasma disinfection are required, this coating is appropriate and, in fact, preferred. The specific material used for plasma titanium dioxide coating has a 3490°F melting point, which is considered very high.

A Combination Coating: Plasma Alumina-Titania

This coating is made up of a composition containing aluminum oxide and titanium dioxide. It has a melting point of 3340°F and was originally produced to make ceramic coatings that are highly wear resistant and take high-quality finishes. Not only do the coatings have a high dielectric strength and exhibit resistance to alkalis and most acids, but they resist heat up to 1000°F. And while some ceramic coatings absorb aqueous solutions, alumina-titania resists wetting by those same solutions. It resists corrosion by dilute solutions of alkalis, can exhibit a very smooth finish and has a high interparticle bond (bond strength is high).

A spray coating involving titanium is likely the smartest method to improving the critical components of your product’s reliability and quality. Use a company that has a complete understanding of and significant experience with plasma guns and the coating process using plasma spray to avoid problems in the future. There is no point going with a quality material if the company providing it is anything less than stellar.

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