Plasma Titanium Dioxide

A&A Coatings titanium dioxide powder was designed to produce hard, dense ceramic coatings. This material is recommended for resistance to wear by abrasive grains and hard surfaces, both at temperatures below 540°C (1000°F). These coatings can be ground and lapped to very smooth finishes.

Material Powder Characteristics

Typical Composition: Titanium Dioxide 99% minimum
Typical Size Range: -270 mesh +10 microns
-53 +10 microns
Melting Point: 1920°C (3490°F) approximate

Physical Properties of Coating

Texture, as sprayed, (microinches RMS): 300-400
Finish, ground (microinches aa): 6-8
Macrohardness: Rc53
Cross-Sectional Hardness (DPH300): 650
Density (g/cc): 4.1
Coating Weight (lb/ft2/.001″): .021
Thickness Limitation 0.020” – 0.025”

Service Temperature

Coatings of Titanium Dioxide should not be exposed to temperatures above 540°C
(1000°F). Coatings of titania, and coatings containing a significant percentage of titania,
undergo a phase transformation resulting in embrittlement and cracking.


Coatings of Titanium Dioxide are best finished by grinding. Excellent finishes have been
obtained utilizing 100 grit silicon carbide wheels. Wet grinding is recommended over dry

Cylindrical Grinding
Wheel No.: GC100-G11-VR
Wheel Speed: 1650-1950 m/min.
(5500-6500 ft./min.)
Surface Work Speed: 15-30 m/min.
(50-100 ft./min.)
Traverse Speed, Roughing: 30.5 cm/min.
(12″ per min.)
Finishing: 10-15 cm/min.
(4″-6″ per min.)
Surface Grinding
Wheel No.: GC100-G11-VR
Wheel Speed: 1650-1950 m/min.
(5500-6500 ft./min.)
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