HVOF Aluminum Bronze

A&A Coatings material is a fine grade aluminum bronze powder. When sprayed with the HVOF process, dense, high bond strength coatings are produced. These deposits can be readily machined, milled, drilled/tapped or otherwise finished. This unique set of physical properties makes Aluminum Bronze ideally suited to restoration of worn or mis- machined non-ferrous components. This coating is recommended for soft bearing applications and to resist wear by fretting, hard surfaces and cavitation.

HVOF Sprayed Aluminum Bronze coatings are harder and exhibit a higher tensile bond strength than standard aluminum bronze deposits. The as-sprayed surface finish is also finer than comparable standards. These data reflect the higher coating density, improved bonding and superior coating integrity which results from the HVOF process.

Material Powder Characteristics

Typical Composition: Aluminum 9.5%
Iron 1%
Copper Balance

Physical Properties of Coating

Surface Texture As-Sprayed
(microinches aa):
Ground – 400 grit diamond (microinches
Coating Weight (lb/ft2/.001″): .035
Tensile Bond Strength on Low Carbon Steel
Substrate (PSI):

Thickness Limitation

A&A Coatings HVOF Sprayed Aluminum Bronze can be sprayed to high thicknesses in
excess of 0.250ā€.

Surface Preparation

A&A Coatings HVOF Sprayed Aluminum Bronze is self-bonding to substrates which
have been cleaned to remove surface oxides. This cleaning is accomplished with a light
grit blast.


Excellent finishes have been obtained on these coatings using ā€œDā€ shaped tungsten
carbide tool bits with a nose radius of 0.8mm (1/32″), a work speed of 250 surface feet
per minute (76smpm) and traverse of 0.06mm (.0025″)/revolution. The best results are
obtained with finishing cuts as heavy as 0.25mm (.010″).

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