Metallized 18-5 Stainless Steel Wire

A&A Coatings material is an austenitic low carbon 18-5 Type Stainless Steel wire manufactured exclusively for electric arc and combustion wire spraying. Coatings of this material offer low shrink and outstanding machinability properties while still offering high aqueous corrosion resistance. In addition, these coatings offer good wear qualities and high strength and are recommended for use on parts where coating shrink may be a problem.

18-5 Stainless Steel is used successfully on machine elements such as seal rings, gland castings, valve plugs, low pressure stationary blades and packing sections.

Material Wire Characteristics

Typical Composition: Carbon 0.15%
Phosphorous 0.06%
Sulfur 0.03%
Manganese 0.8.5%
Nickel 5.0%
Chromium 18%
Silicon 1%
Iron Balance
Melting Point: 2600°F

Physical Properties of Coating

Surface Finish: Ground 32
Coating Macrohardness: Rc25-30
Density (g/cc): 6.5
Coating Weight (lb/ft2/.001″): .045
Coating Bond Strength (PSI): 8,500
Thickness Limitation: 0.040”
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