Metallized Aluminum Bronze

A&A Coatings material is an aluminum bronze alloy wire manufactured exclusively for metallizing. It has twice the strength and hardness of other bronzes. Although it sprays with coarse atomization, the coatings are very dense, very wear-resistant, and machine easily to an excellent finish.

Use of Aluminum Bronze is recommended for all general metallizing work with bronze. This material is an extremely effective bond coat where surface preparation may be less than optimum; for example, on cast iron or steel. It is also used as a coating in its own right and has the highest corrosion resistance and maximum wear resistance of the arc spray bronzes. Major uses, in addition to bond coats, are for bearings in the steel industry and for reclaiming aluminum/ bronze components, including propeller shafts for operation in sea water, pump impellers, bronze castings, plungers, armature bushing and many other parts.

Material Wire Characteristics

Typical Composition: Copper 90%
Aluminum 9%
Iron 1%
Melting Point: 1615-1900°F

Physical Properties of Coating

Surface Finish: Ground 32
Coating Macrohardness: Rb82
Density (g/cc): 7.06
Coating Weight (lb/ft2/.001″): .045
Coating Tensile Strength (PSI): 29,000
Thickness Limitation: High


A&A Coatings metallized Aluminum Bronze may be ground, or machined at low speed with carbide tools.

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