Metallized Nickel-Aluminide

A&A Coatings material was especially developed to be a better self-bonding material than molybdenum wire, particularly with regard to bond strength. In addition, it has many applications as a single coat system where dense coatings, resistant to oxidation, high temperatures and temperature changes, are required.

This material undergoes an exothermic reaction during spraying. Also, it produces coatings which are dense and resistant to oxidation, high temperatures and temperature changes.

The exothermic reaction of Nickel Aluminide Wire derives from its chemical composition. When the wire reaches a certain temperature in the spray gun flame, the nickel and aluminum react to form nickel aluminide and evolve a great deal of heat. It is thought that the extra heat provided to the molten particles by the exothermic reaction, coupled with the high particle velocity of the metalizing process, account of the self- bonding characteristics of the coating and its exceptional strength, both perpendicular and parallel to the substrate.

Material Wire Characteristics

Typical Composition: Nickel 80%
Aluminum 20%

Physical Properties of Coating

Coating Bond Strength (PSI): Up to 4,230
Coating Macrohardness: Rc22
Density (g/cc): 6.0
Coating Weight (lb/ft2/.001″): .045
Coating Tensile Strength (PSI): 18,000


A&A Coatings metalized Nickel Aluminide is typically used as a bond coat and thus not finished.

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