A proprietary coating service developed for EPI reactors, hex reactors, CVD systems, and ion implanters, Microcoat® is a novel offering by A&A Coatings. We are a unique company devoted exclusively to the application of metal, ceramic, cermet and hardface coatings, years of experience with this process led to the development of Microcoat™ coatings for the electronics industry. These coatings were developed years ago, while working with the early developers of reactive ion etching techniques to overcome problems associated with the manufacture of integrated circuits.

Microcoat® Coating Properties

  • Increased yield rates
  • Reduced bridging faults
  • Reproducible of etch results, low detect: density and low impurity levels
  • Reliability and decreased maintenance of systems
  • Inexpensive recoating service

Proven Success

The initial R&D on Microcoat™ coatings began in 1979 to help overcome the problems of metal contamination and incomplete removal of material in the circuit; bridging end open faults; risk of non-localized etching and increased maintenance. Today, many leading chip manufacturers are benefiting from A&A Coatings’ coating development. Thousands of wafer trays, caps, supports, retainers, covers and handles have been coated with Microcoat™ coatings.

Continued Success

Microcoat® coatings are specifically developed, chemically pure proprietary blends providing proper density, adherence and low Porosity characteristics required for dry-etching and ion implanting.

A&A Coatings offers two Microcoat® coatings:

  • Microcoat® 2000 Proprietary blend of aluminum oxide
  • Microcoat® 2003 Proprietary blend of pure silicon

Whether you are an OEM of IC production equipment or a manufacturer of integrated circuits, you should be using Microcoat® protective coatings.

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