4 Popular HVOF Coating Materials

HVOF or High Velocity Oxygen Fuel is a type of thermal spray coating process used to produce extremely dense coatings with a very strong bond to the substrate. The main reasons for HVOF coating materials being used at A&A Coatings are for prevention of wear and corrosion which extend the service lifespan of the coated part. The most-used applied materials with the HVOF process are as follows:

HVOF Tungsten Carbide

HVOF Tungsten Carbide material exhibits the best low temperature abrasive wear resistance of any HVOF coating. The HVOF Tungsten Carbide coatings are typically denser, better bonded, exhibit a higher thickness limit and show a superior abrasive wear resistance than Plasma Sprayed tungsten carbide-cobalt coatings. This material is recommended for applications in which abrasive wear is the primary failure mechanism.

HVOF Tungsten Carbide-Nickel Superalloy

A&A Coatings material is a Tungsten Carbide/Nickel base Superalloy (Metco 5803) specifically developed as a replacement coating for chrome plating. When applied through the HVOF process, this material produces dense, well bonded coatings with a high level of wear resistance. Coatings of this Superalloy resist wear by abrasive grains, hard surfaces and fretting. Field tests have shown coatings to possess fatigue properties equal to or better than chrome plating. Additionally, this material has been qualified to be used under the MIL-STD-1687-A specification as an alternative to chrome plating.

Coatings of this Superalloy have successfully been utilized for the following applications:

  • Hydraulic Rods
  • Compressor Rods
  • Gate Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Pump Rotors
  • Downhole Drilling Components

These coatings also have excellent submerged salt water corrosion resistance and have completed successful field testing on a large hydraulic steering rod. Salt fog tests (ASTM B117) show the material to have corrosion resistance several times greater than chrome plating.

HVOF Chromium Carbide

HVOF Chromium Carbide is a mixture of super fine chromium carbide particles and nickel chromium in powder form. During HVOF spraying, this material is sprayed to create extremely hard coatings which are not only bonded well but are also dense. HVOF Chromium Carbide possesses exclusive characteristics which make it ideal for mitigating the effects of wear and tear caused by fretting, hard surfaces, and abrasive substances. HVOF Chromium Carbide materials may be best categorized for both their micro and macro hardness, which in turn interprets into superlative high temperature wear resistance. Additionally, Chromium Carbide resists corrosion from certain chemicals.

HVOF Aluminum Bronze

When you need to restore worn out components…

HVOF Aluminum Bronze is usually used to produce coatings that have high density and are strong. This HVOF coating helps the deposited material to be readily milled, tapped or drilled, machined and then finished. The unique characteristics of HVOF Aluminum Bronze makes it ideal to restore worn out or mis-machined components that are non-ferrous. This HVOF coating material is mostly used for applications of soft bearings and for resisting wear by hard surfaces, fretting, and cavitation.

HVOF Aluminum Bronze displays a greater ductile strength and a harder bond than the usual deposits of aluminum bronze material. The covered area provides a finish which is finer when compared to other standards. This HVOF coating material produces results in the form of superior compact coatings, enhanced integrity, and bonding.


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