How Do HVOF Spray Coatings Help You Save Money?

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel coating (or HVOF spray coating) is a covering procedure derived by thermal spray. It is used to bring back the measurements or surface properties of a component or improve the same. This will substantially extend the life of equipment. It also improves put-on resistance and erosion. Additionally, it provides corrosion protection.

The longer a part lasts, the better it performs, the more money you save.

Thermal Spray Coating Materials

Where thermal spray coatings are concerned, there are a number of coating materials that can be used. These include the following: composites, plastics, porcelains, alloys, and metals. Because of the large option of procedures and materials offered by thermal spray coating, the method is extremely appealing to any number of industries. And the procedures and materials used, when compared with standard plating techniques, have a much lower impact on the environment.

Comparing Other Materials to HVOF

Compared to anodizing, solidifying, and hard chrome plating, the resistant coatings achieved by HVOF outperform them all. In service, HVOF simply executes in a better manner. At lower thicknesses, HVOF coatings are wear-resistant due to their great portion of carbide. Connected with the related cladding, undesirable characteristics such as high price and wastefulness are avoided. So, money is saved once again because HVOF is an affordable process.

Materials are chosen to match the particular demands of a client. Expert innovation specialists can be of assistance in determining which coating is most appropriate.

The HVOF Process

Through a high-rate, high-temperature gas stream, semi-molten or molten products are applied to a surface. A dense spray coating is thereby created. This coating can be ground to the desired finish. Using a coating strategy like this allows the application of a chosen material to achieve the following: corrosion protection, wear resistance, strong substrate material bond, solidity, and more.

The HVOF product is sped up and formed to an element’s surface area by a gas stream. Better properties are required through this process. In a burning chamber, fuel and fired-up air are blended producing the gas stream. This happens in a burning chamber and, together with a nozzle, the high-tension gas is sped up. Directly into the stream, powder is introduced which is also sped up and heated up toward the surface of a component. A thermal spray coating is the result.

How Is Service Life Improved?

As mentioned early on, improving the service life of a component or machine saves money. And there is no doubt that service life is improved through the use of HVOF coatings. Additionally, for parts manufacturing, lighter more affordable materials can be chosen by your engineers because the desired performance and properties can then be obtained through HVOF coatings.

Bottom line – you can boost efficiency and decrease cost through the use of HVOF coatings.

A&A Coatings offers HVOF and other thermal spray coatings. We have, in fact, been at the forefront of our industry for over 70 years. We have devoted ourselves to the application of hard-faced coatings, cermet, ceramic, and metal coatings. We also offer machining capabilities, lapping, grinding, and more. If you would like to better familiarize yourself with A&A Coatings, or find out how thermal spray coatings can improve your bottom line and protect your components, products, machinery, surfaces, and more, contact us today.

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