An Introduction To Tantalum Coatings

Tantalum coatings, or Ta coatings, have unique characteristics which provide a variety of industries any number of benefits in numerous applications. Among the attributes worthy of mention are unique corrosion resistance to chemicals and many acids, electrical conductivity at extremely high temperatures, and high-temperature strength. Among other things, these attributes make tantalum an extremely important material in cold spray coatings.

What Is Tantalum?

Tantalum (Ta), though you may not remember from your school days, is actually on the periodic table nestled among other metals. It has an atomic number of 73. Though it was discovered back in the 19th century, in the 21st-century, it has become increasingly important. Among other reasons, is its ability to fight corrosion naturally making its use in protective coatings a no-brainer. What’s more, even at high temperatures it is extremely stable. In addition to being invaluable as a protective coating, it can be found on almost every new age piece of industrial or home electronic equipment. You will likely find it in hard drives, laptops, DVD players, cell phones, speakers, and more.

The Process of High-Pressure Call Spray

The number of industries that are benefiting from the use of tantalum in the process of high-pressure cold spray grows by the day. When tantalum is used in high-pressure cold spray coatings, it produces an oxide free, dense coating microstructure – keeping similar characteristics of wrought tantalum – that is free of phase changes. This adds coating requirements which adhere to your specifications and also makes notable gains in techniques of refurbishment.

The Use of Powdered Material

The powdered material used in this type of cold spray processing must achieve crucial particle velocity. This is necessary to transfer definitively sized morphology which strongly adheres to the applied surface and deforms with the ability to create a layer to the specifications that are required. Common microstructure shows oxide free, dense formation during the process. This creates characteristics which are wrought-like. If required, coated surfaces may additionally be heat treated for possible need of stress relief.

Tantalum Powder Requirements

A defined powder range and high purity are required of the tantalum powder which is used in the high-pressure cold spray process. The range is based on essential particle velocity for proper ductile forming of the tantalum layer and correct impact. Inert gases such as helium and nitrogen are used in processing. Based on operating parameters, these gases are heated to excel particle and gas stream velocity while avoiding high combustion gas flames’ oxidizing effects.

The Many Uses of Tantalum Coatings

Because of tantalum’s capacitor properties, these coatings are used most notably in the electronics industry. However, a variety of industries use tantalum coatings. These could include the following:

  • Nuclear
  • Sputtering target industries
  • Surgical implants and tools
  • Chemical production

Use A&A Coatings for Your Tantalum Powder High-Pressure Cold Spray Process

We understand the importance of protecting parts, machinery, and products. Because recent technological advances have given material engineers and researchers tools with which to further applied tantalum cold spray coating’s usage, it is going to become more and more important for industries to have a reliable company upon which they can depend for all their protective coating needs. A&A wants to be your protective coating company. Give us a call today to see what we can do for your industry, your parts and machinery, and your finished product.

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