The momentary recession of the flame into the spray gun, followed by immediate reappearance or complete extinction of the flame.

Base Material

See preferred term Substrate

Base Metal

See preferred term Substrate

Berry Formation.

See preferred term Nozzle Accumulation.


A method of cleaning or surface roughening by a forcibly projected stream of sharp angular abrasive.

Body Stress

Residual stresses within an individual sprayed particle.


See Mechanical Bond and Metallic Bond.

Bond Cap (Bond Bar)

The test specimen on which a spray coating is applied for the purpose of determining adhesive-cohesive strength.

Bond Coat

A preliminary (or prime coat) of material that improves adherence of the subsequent spray deposit.

Bonding Force

The force that holds two atoms together; it results from a decrease in energy as two atoms are brought closer to one another.

Bond Line

The interface between a thermal spraying deposit and substrate, or between adhesive and adherent in an adhesive bonded joint.

Bond Strength

The force required to pull a coating free of a substrate, usually expressed in kPa (psi).

British Thermal Unit (BTU)

A unit of measure for heat (equal to 1055 J).


A surfacing variation in which surfacing metal is deposited to achieve the required dimensions.

Burnoff Rate

A nonstandard term for melting rate.

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