Rate of Deposition

See Deposition Rate.

Reducing Flame

A gas flame having a reducing effect (excess fuel gas).

Refrigerated Dryer

The application of a refrigeration cycle to physically lower the dewpoint.

Regenerative Dryer

A double column apparatus containing a drying medium for moisture absorption, which is automatically regenerated.


See Gas Regulator

Relative Density

See preferred term Apparent Density Ratio.

Residual Stress

Stress remaining in a structure or member as a result of thermal or mechanical treatment or both. See Coating Stress.

Resonance Time

See preferred term Dwell Time.

Root Mean Square (RMS)

A method of defining the average roughness of a surface. It is the square root of the sum of all individual measurements divided by the number of measurements.

Rotary Roughening

A method of surface roughening in which are revolving roughening tool is pressed against the surface being prepared, while either the work or the tool, or both, move.

Rough Threading

Rough Threading. A method of surface roughening which consists of cutting threads with the sides and tops of the threads jagged and torn.

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