Ear Protection

OSHA or other safety agency approved devices for the reduction of sound audible to the outer ear.

Edge Effect

Loosening of the adhesional bond between the spray deposit and the substrate at the workpiece edges.

Edge Loss

Spray deposit lost as overspray resulting from spraying near the edge of the workpiece.

Elastic Modulus

The ratio of stress, within the proportional limit, to the corresponding strain


A component for the electrical circuit through which current is conducted to the arc. See Anode and Cathode.


See preferred term Acoustical Room.

Endothermic Compounds

Beads and tablets which absorb moisture from the air and are consumed in the process.The action is termed deliquescence. Beads used are inorganic with absorption capability to reduce dewpoints 5.5'C (42'F) at an inlet temperature of 38'C (IOO'F), and -2.8'C (27'F) -at an inlet temperature of 21 'C (70'F).Beads or tablets utilized are of two types: potassium carbonate and sodium chloride.

Eye Protection

Proper helmets, face masks, or goggles which are required to be used to protect the eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation during thermal spraying operations.

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