Textural Stress

The accumulated stress within an entire coating

Thermal Spraying (THSP)

A group of processes in which finely divided metallic or nonmetallic surfacing materials are deposited in a molten or semimolten condition on a substrate to form a spray deposit. The surfacing material may be in the form of powder, rod, cord, or wire. See also Arc Spraying, Flame Spraying, and Plasma Spraying.

Thermal Spraying Deposit

The coating or layer of surfacing material applied by a thermal spraying process

Thermal Spraying Gun

A device for heating and directing the flow of a surfacing material.

Thermal Stress

Stress resulting from nonuniform temperature distribution

Threading and Knurling

A method of surface roughening in which spiral threads are prepared, followed by upsetting with a knurling tool.

Tons of Refrigeration

A rate of heat exchange equal to 12,000 BTU/h.


A device used for fusing sprayed coatings; it mixes and controls the flow of gases.

Torch Fusing

The use of a torch to heat and melt a fusable spraying deposit to produce coalescense

Transferred Arc

An arc established between the plasma torch and the workpiece. The workpiece is part of the electrical circuit. Can be reversed to preheat and clean a substrate surface.

Travel Angle

The angle that the gun makes with a reference line perpendicular to the axis of the deposit in the plane of its axis. This angle can be used to define the position of thermal spraying torches and thermal spraying guns.

Traverse Speed

The linear velocity at which the thermal spraying gun traverses across the workpiece during the spraying operation

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