Face Shield (eye protection)

A device positioned in front of the eyes and over all or a portion of the face to protect the eyes and face. See also Hand Shield and Helmet.

Feed Rate

A nonstandard term for spray rate.

Filter Glass

A nonstandard term for filter plate.

Filter Lens (eye protection)

A round filter plate.

Filter Plate (eye protection)

An optical material that protects the eyes against excessive ultraviolet, infrared, and visible radiation.


A material finer than a particular mesti size under consideration.

Flame Spraying (FLSP)

A thermal spraying process in which an oxyfuel gas flame is the source of heat for melting the surfacing material. Compressed gas may or may not be used for atomizing and propelling the surfacing material to the substrate.


A recession of the flame into or back of the mixing chamber of the thermal spraying gun.

Flashback Arrester

A device to limit damage from a flashback by preventing propagation of the flame front beyond the location of the arrester.


An undesirable discontinuity. See Defect.

Flow Meter

A device for indicating the rate of gas flow in a system.


Surface damage resulting from relative motion between surfaces in contact under pressure.

Fuel Gases

Gases such as acetylene, natural gas, hydrogen, propane, stabilized methylacetylene propadiene, and other fuels, and hydrocarbons, usually used with oxygen for heating.

Furnace Fusing

T'he melting together of the spray deposit and the substrate which results in coalescence. The furnace offers the advantages of controlled heating, cooling, and protective atmosphere.


The melting together of filler metal and metal (substrate), which results in coalescence.

Fusion Temperature

In thermal spraying, during the fusing of self-fluxing coatings, the narrow temperature range within which the coating surface exhibits a glassy or highly reflective appearance.

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