See Cylinder Manifold.


A device for protecting a substrate surface from the effects of blasting or adherence of a spray deposit.


The major continuous substance of a thermal spraying coating as opposed to inclusions or particles of materials having dissimilar characteristics.

Mechanical Bond

The adherence of a thermal spraying deposit to a roughened surface by the mechanism of particle interlocking.

Melting Rate

The weight or length of spray wire or rod melted in a unit of time.

Metallic Bond

The principal bond that holds metals together and is formed between base metals and filler metals in all processes. This is a primary bond arising from the increased spatial extension of the valence electron wave functions when an aggregate of metal atoms is brought close together. See also Bonding Force, and Ionic Bond.


See preferred term Thermal Spraying.

Metallurgical Bond

A nonstandard term for metallic bond.

Metallurgical Bond

A nonstandard term for metallic bond.

Molten Metal Flame Spraying

A thermal spraying process variation in which the metallic material to be sprayed is in the molten condition. See Flame Spraying (FLSP).

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