Galvanic Corrosion.

Corrosion causedby spontaneous current between two dissimilar conductors in an electrolyte or between two dissimilar conductors in dissimilar electrolytes. If the two dissimiIar metals are in contact, the reaction is referred to as couple action.

Gas Cylinder

A portable container used for transportation and storage of a compressed gas.

Gas Pocket

A nonstandard term for porosity.

Gas Regulator

A device for controlling the delivery of gas at some substantially constant pressure.

Gradated Coating

A thermal spraying deposit composed of mixed materials in successive layers which progressively change in composition from the constituent material lot the, substrate to the surface of the sprayed deposit. Also referred to as graduated or graded coating

Gravity Feed

A process by which powder is fed into a thermal spraying gun by gravity,


See preferred term Abrasive.

Grit Blasting

See preferred term Blasting.

Grit Size

The particle size and distribution of abrasive blasting grains. Usually expressed by Society of Automotive Engineers numbers, such as SAE G25.

Groove and Rotary Roughening

A method of surface roughening in which grooves are made and the original surface is roughened and spread.


A nonstandard term for thermal spraying gun.

Gun Extension

The extension tube attached in front of the thermal spraying gun to permit spraying within confined areas or deep recesses

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